Sharon Ramick

Sharon describes herself as follows:

I am an explorer. I like to discover the new and the old art forms alongside one another and try to put the puzzle together of how the pieces might be connected. When I compare two works that I love, I find myself asking: Are the creators from the same city? Are they contemporaries? Have the artists studied under the same teacher? Did the artists have similar life experiences?

I also search for my connection to them and seek out why I am so attracted to their pieces; how those pieces inspire me. Is it laughter, texture, helpfulness, colorfulness, playfulness, friendliness, the childish frivolity? These are my favorite things. I like to design my pieces with these ingredients. I want to give the viewer an escape, a different view, or at least the opportunity to let their minds wander outside the mundane.

I want my art to spark conversations that wouldn’t otherwise be spoken; to give birth to new ideas and nurture unusual thoughts. I want my audience to feel something and for them to question, “Why?” I want to stir the imagination in those folks who most often get swept away by the silliness of the serious world. I want to deliver them to a childlike wonder. I want to give them and the world what I strive for most times: a happy moment.

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